“To straighten the twisted one,
you must first do something more difficult,
you straighten yourself”
Dhamnapada de Boudha



Global overhaul

AUGUST, 24, 2020 |

Holonomy is the metaphor of an immense constellation, a vast territory without borders and filled with the most diversified resources in order to carry the growth and development of managers in their leadership position. Holonomie trains and coaches aspiring profiles, with the aim of ethical management and encouraging the autonomy of a team within a company.

Holonomy wanted to stand out from its competition by setting up a personalized and immersive universe.

Peppermint agency did not hesitate when the universe of galaxies was naturally set up, thus declining it on all its supports:

Greeting card, power point presentation, visual identity, stationery, social networks. A successful global strategy!

Peppermint agency has set up a graphic universe where stars and dotted galaxies meet graphically to highlight a conducive terrain to calm, allowing a clear and thoughtful choice of formation. A simple path allows us to determine and guide the user, always within the framework of an upstream ergonomic reflection carried out by our teams. Each profile, each star is carefully oriented.

Our fresh touch

A journey to the far reaches of the galaxy!

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