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The approach

How can you demonstrate your CSR commitments ?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is something you care about ? Either because you have already implemented it, or because you want to commit to it.

But how can you demonstrate the validity of your actions and their veracity, at a time when most actors are offering themselves new virtues based on greenwashing?

Implement a structured CSR approach

In a CSR approach whose purpose is a coherent result – and not an accumulation of scattered actions – Peppermint Agency offers you an accompanying solution and adequate means: PpM, whose acronym means Party by Million, is a unit of measure commonly used by scientists to calculate the rate of pollution in the air and, more generally, in the environment.

Do you have relevant audit tools to demonstrate how far you have come ?

Through Ppm, we provide you two tools to measure your transformation:

Le Fil Vert, collaborative workshops to think, launch and sustain a “sustainable development” approach, consistent with the trajectory set by the “Paris Agreements”.

Wominds, to assess the implementation of the gender equality in your company.

Collaborate with the Peppermint Agency team, closely invested in a CSR approach

Each employee of Peppermint Agency defends his convictions and participates at his level in the ecological transition. Everyone follows the calls against overconsumption and tends towards a more sober and responsible lifestyle.

Peppermint Agency is certified in responsible communication, for an ethical and respectful approach. The certificate has been delivered by the ARPP, the AACC and the Union des Marques.

Peppermint Agency is also certified in responsible digital knowledge by the INR (Institut du Numérique Responsable), attesting its ability to use correctly digital devices.

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