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to activate

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With Le Fil Vert, verify that you are an eco-responsible company

Our partner Le Fil Vert will work with you to develop your environmental diagnosis: through an active pedagogy, we help you to start and accelerate your ecological transformation and transition projects. Interventions are action-oriented and studied in order to optimize the cost/impact ratio.

3 tools are at your disposal:

  • The Climate Fresco

Raise your employees’ awareness on the challenges of climate change and involve the in your eco-responsible company approach.

  • MyCO2

Learn about the different sources of carbon footprint and measure the impact of your own eco-responsible business.

  • The ecological renaissance fresco

Be in control of your change and design the conditions to reduce your ecological impact.


to collaborative

Think and launch a “sustainable development” approach, consistent with the trajectory of the “Paris Agreements”.

With Wominds, measure the application of gender equality in your company

What is professional equality?

–  Women and men enjoy equal treatment, access and careers

–  Where any sexual bias constitutes discrimination and is prohibited

–  Where the company ensures equal pay

–  Where the company promotes positive measures to promote equal treatment between women and men

The Wominds tool allows you to give to your company a clear vision of the gender issue.

Define your level of involvement in equal opportunities

Through the Wominds Impact Measurement Questionnaire and via a perception scale, get a score defining your level of involvement as a socially engaged company.

Benefit from a detailed summary report

To go further, follow the recommendations of the detailed synthesis report. Continue your action with a long-term follow-up by Wominds: training actions, awareness actions, coaching…

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